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** California Traffic School ** An online traffic school with interactive games and cartoons.
CA DMV License #E1904


Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School offers the only online Comedy, CARTOON traffic school program for California that is SUPER EASY and FAST to complete!


  • FREE Electronic Completion Certificate submission directly into the court within minutes of your course completion- any time of the day or night.

  • FREE Confirmation email when the court receives your certificate. (Instantly!)

  • FREE Follow-up email from the court when your certificate has been viewed and your case has been closed.

  • FREE cartoon and interactive content. (Or you may always choose the text version.)

  • FREE Program retakes, if needed.

to check out the Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic School!


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  Los Angeles County Classroom

Traffic School

800-925-1707 Great Comedians Traffic School (1)
800-835-9139 California Driving School Inc.(3)
800-476-9346 La Mejor Escuela English & Spanish (1)
800-464-2503 Diviertase Y Aprenda En Espanol (4)
626-292-1448 EZ Traffic School (3)
626-448-2016 Professional Drivers Safety School (1)
800-667-8680 Facil Divertido Y A Su Alcance (1)
866-672-1200 Bell Gardens Traffic School (2)
800-218-0013 Comedy For Less Traffic School (1)
626-440-1686 El Monte Traffic School (4)
800-593-5069 Escuela De Trafico Local En Espanol (4)
800-257-5357 Great Comedy School (1)
626-336-2166 Nueva Imagenes/New Images (1,2)
800-281-9380 Low Cost N Fun/Laff Learning TVS (4)
626-307-6988 Hong Way Traffic School (3)
626-572-7001 ABC Traffic Safety Program (3)
800-341-5554 Comedy School (1)
800-400-8996 7 Days-A-Week & Evening Classes (4)
800-889-0514 Pizza 4U-Great Comedians (1)
626-440-1715 Pasadena Traffic School (4)
800-234-7283 Cheap School (1)
800-500-2307 Pizza For You-Comedians 2 (1)

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Traffic School Directory For California


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